I-Pro is proud to represent the industry's premiere manufacturers in both the commercial/industrial and utility marketplaces. The manufacturers we represent provide the best services and products the industry has to offer.

AFC Cable Systems, Inc.
Cable, electrical, liquidtight

AFC Cable Systems, Inc., a part of Atkore International, is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electrical distribution products. These include armored and metal clad cables, flexible wiring systems, flexible metal, non-metallic, and flexible metallic liquidtight conduits and fittings used in the construction and modernization of commercial office buildings, institutional facilities, shopping centers and multifamily dwellings.

The company, which traces its origins to 1926, supplies a broad range of innovative, cost-effective products to electrical contractors throughout the United States and internationally.

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Allied Tube and Conduit

Allied Tube & Conduit® is a leading brand for EMT, IMC, and Rigid conduits made of steel, PVC, and Aluminum. We have products and engineered solutions to meet every application challenge and are continually evolving to serve you better.

Today, Allied Tube and Conduit is stronger than ever and is now a part of Atkore International®. Atkore International® has a global manufacturing footprint with service to customers all over the globe.  From construction to manufacturing our products are in the center of it all. Whether they’re part of a building as electrical raceways, sprinkler pipes, structural tube and perimeter security or being used by OEM to make their product, just check the specs.  We are there!  Beyond that, we strive to be core to each customer’s business as well, understanding what they value and need, providing essential solutions that improve their day-to-day operations. We are positioned for continued growth, expansion and innovation, which means our best days – and products – are yet to come.

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Atlas Lighting Products
Atlas, LED, Lighting, Poles

Atlas Lighting provides a wide selection of quality, energy-efficient and fast-selling products – all manufactured and quality tested in the USA.

Founded in 1992, Atlas has continued to successfully grow and expand by selling a broad range of energy efficient LED, Fluorescent and HID lighting products. Today’s product offering is focused on high quality and fast selling LED wall lights, flood lights, area lights, indoor LED linear high bays and LED wet location fixtures. All Atlas products are manufactured and tested in their 330,000 sq. ft. Burlington, North Carolina facility, enhancing product

  • Wall Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Area Lights
  • Canopy
  • High Bay
  • Poles / Brackets

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EMT Conduit Fittings, Fire Alarm boxes and Fittings, Rigid Fittings, Voice and Data

Bridgeport Fittings is a leading supplier of quality fittings to the industrial, commercial and residential channels of the electrical industry. Two-thirds of Bridgeport’s product volume is manufactured in the U.S. Bridgeport has a wide range of fittings offered. Not limited to rigid conduit, IMC, EMT conduit and liquid tight fittings. Bridgeport also offers Portable cord, armored cable, grounding and non-metallic cable fittings.


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Exothermic Connections, Welding Material

Founded in 1903 as the Electric Railway Improvement Company, ERICO originally specialized in arc-welded rail bonding for the railway and mining industries. While the connections were a significant advancement, the heavy equipment required to complete the welding was a drawback. In 1939, ERICO completed the development of and patented the ERICO® CADWELD® Exothermically Welded Connection.

ERICO® CADWELD® Exothermically Welded Connections are specified by engineers and consultants for many industries and installed by contractors and site owners large and small all over the world. With Over 100,000,000 field-proven connections installed around the globe by our very satisfied customers, the “ERICO® CADWELD®” name has become synonymous with “Exothermic Welding” from the classroom to the job site.

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Atkore, Cable, Cable Tray, Datacom, Industrial

Cope® is the original brand of cable tray.  In 1948, Thomas Jefferson Cope developed the first modular cable tray system and introduced it to the electrical industry.

Today the Cope® brand is part of Atkore International and is the premier producer of all major categories of cable tray systems.  Products are produced to NEMA standards and range from standard commercial systems to the heaviest of industrial systems.

There is a Cope® cable management solution for all types projects and facilities.  The high standard of quality and unique features make the Cope® product line the preferred choice of installers and facility owners for power and datacom systems.

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Fixtures, Industrial, LED, Lighting

Dialight defines the current state of LED lighting technology with continuous innovations in light output, efficacy and reliability for our complete line of high-specification lighting fixtures specifically designed for industrial, commercial, hazardous location, transportation & public infrastructure applications. These results are directly related to our ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting products that vastly reduce maintenance, improve safety, ease disposal, and are more environmentally friendly – thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions, the dominant GHG contributor to global warming.

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Erico, Flexibar, Flexible Busbar

ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR is a flexible busbar wire replacement solution for low voltage applications available from 27 mm² up to 1200 mm² and 125 A to 2800 A. Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified proprietary automated facility, ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR is formed from multiple layers of thin electrolytic copper insulated with a high-resistance, self-extinguishing PVC or silicone compound. The insulating sleeve is grooved on the inner surface, reducing the contact surface with the laminates to less than 20%, increasing flexibility and making installation easier.

Easily formed even in its largest size, ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR vastly improves design and assembly flexibility and the aesthetic of finished panels. All ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR cross sections can be bent, folded, or twisted with a very small bending radius for shorter and more compact power connections between main power and distribution equipment, between transformers and busduct, between busduct and electrical cabinets, and many other types of connections.

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General Cable – Stabiloy
Cable, Cord and Cordset, Datacom, Electric utility, Fiber optic, Wire

Manufacturer of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets.  General Cable (NYSE:BGC), a Fortune 500 company, has been a wire and cable innovator for over 170 years. With more than 13,000 associates, we are one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers in the world.

Our company serves customers through a global network of 38 manufacturing facilities in our core operating regions and sales representation and distribution worldwide. We are dedicated to the production of high-quality aluminum, copper and fiber optic wire and cable and systems solutions for the energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications sectors. With a vast portfolio of products to meet thousands of diverse application requirements, we continue to invest in research and development in order to maintain and extend our technology leadership by developing new materials, designing new products, and creating new solutions to meet tomorrow’s market challenges.

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Hammond Power Solutions

Largest manufacturer of dry-type transformer in North America, Control & Automation, Low Voltage Distribution, Medium Voltage Distribution and Potted & Specialty types.

In the last 99 years, HPS has grown from a small family-owned business in the shortwave radio market to the industry leader in magnetic transformer design and manufacturing. HPS now has multiple manufacturing facilities throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, Italy and India.  HPS currently has 11 regional distribution centers throughout North America.

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Cable Ties, Solar Labels, Wiring Duct

HellermannTyton is a leading global manufacturer of systems and solutions which help world-class customers better manage and identify wire, cable and components. Located in over 34 countries, HellermannTyton offers an integrated approach in the design, manufacturing and delivery of its products which result in higher quality and lower costs for our customers.

Innovation, with an obsession for helping solve customers’ needs, drives HellermannTyton’s product development. Taking a systemic approach to growing its product line, HellermannTyton’s range of products works well together to provide customers with the lowest installed costs in the industry. Utilizing the latest technologies in design and prototyping tools, HellermannTyton’s experienced development teams work closely with customers to assure groundbreaking performance, lower labor rates, reduced administrative and inventory costs and overall results which exceed expectations.

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Heritage Plastics
Conduit, Rigid

Heritage Plastics is an American owned manufacturer of PVC Conduit, Fittings, Elbows; as well as Plumbing Pipe products.

Heritage Plastics, Incorporated was founded in July of 1992 in Carrollton, Ohio and added it’s second plant in Tampa, Florida in 1998. Heritage Plastics began manufacturing injection molded fittings in 1999 and added our third plant in Weatherford, Texas in 2001.

In 2004, Heritage began production of fabricated fittings in Weatherford. Heritage opened its’ western plant in Milford, Utah in 2007.

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Enclosures, Industrial

Hoffman is a leading designer and manufacturer of systems to safely and reliably protect the electronic controls and mission critical electrical systems in industrial, data communications, commercial construction and government applications. Our product catalog features the wide array of enclosures, accessories and thermal management products.

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Hubbell Quazite
Underground Enclosures

QUAZITE® (Hubbell Lenoir City, Inc.) manufacturers a broad range of products that utilities, telecommunications, transportation, C&I, water and CATV customers depend on to provide safe, durable and cost effective housing for the equipment on their systems.

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Hughes Brothers
Electric utility, manufacturing

The four original Hughes brothers had a mission statement before such statements were popular. “Produce the highest quality material, price it competitively and ship it on time” was the policy when the Company was founded in 1921, and continues to be our daily guideline.

Early production was centered around wood products such as crossarms, braces, wood guy guards, and ground wire moulding. As the industry grew so did Hughes Brothers, Inc. In the early 1940’s, pole line hardware and custom-manufactured metal fittings and parts were added to the expanding product line. Today, our factory houses a complete wood, metal and fiberglass manufacturing operation.

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Huskie Tools
Compression, Crimping, Cutting, Tools

Huskie Tools has been selling quality cutting and compression tools to the Electric Utility Industry since December 7, 1976.  Huskie was the first to market the battery operated tool 1990.  Huskie’s primary market is the Electric Utility Industry throughout North America . The market is segmented between major Investor Owned Utilities, Electric Cooperatives, local Municipalities, and the outside electrical Contractor market. The largest and most significant segment of the market is the Investor Owned Utilities (IOU’s).

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Compression, Grounding, Power Distribution Blocks

ILSCO is a privately-held, American-owned electrical connector manufacturing company whose mission is to bring product innovation and exceptional customer service to the marketplace. To grow and evolve as an independent global leader in the electrical industry.

ILSCO serves the following markets in the electrical industry: OEM’s, MRO’s, Utilities, Construction & Industrial (C&I), Residential, Telecom as well as Renewable Energy. Our aggressive entrepreneurial spirit has been a guiding force, sustaining and growing the company. ILSCO’s strong record of investment in new products, capital equipment, and e-commerce is helping to ensure prosperity now and in the future. ILSCO was established in 1894 as the Incandescent Light and Stove Company and as technology has advanced over time our manufacturing capabilities and expertise have advanced as well.

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Energy Management Solutions

Since 1891, Intermatic has been a family-owned business dedicated to delivering quality service to its customers. This steadfast commitment has helped Intermatic become a global leader in energy management solutions. Intermatic products cover a wide range of solutions, including facility management, municipalities, manufacturing, agriculture, and constructions.

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You’ll find the latest in LED lamps, drivers and retrofit kits as well as more conventional fluorescent and HID ballasts. Whatever technology you need, you can count on Keystone for quality and reliability.

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Laminated Wood Systems
Electric utility, telecommunication, wood

Laminated Wood Systems, Inc. is the worlds leading supplier of engineered laminated wood structures and wood pole management products to the electric utility and telecommunication industries. Our patented products are the innovative, and economical solution for many of the infrastructure needs facing the industry today. E-LAM® laminated wood poles are made from an abundant, renewable, managed-growth timber resource.

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Receptacles, Switches, Wiring

Providing the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Leveraging more than a century of experience, Leviton helps customers create sustainable, intelligent environments through its electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, lighting energy management systems, and security and automation applications. From switches and receptacles, and daylight harvesting controls to networking systems, intelligent safety controls, and equipment for charging electric vehicles, Leviton solutions help customers achieve savings in energy, time and cost, all while enhancing safety.

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MEP – Berko – QMark
heating, ventilation

Marley Engineered Products® draws upon a long history of providing reliable comfort heating and ventilation solutions. We have manufacturing operations in Bennettsville, South Carolina along with regional sales representatives located throughout the United States and an administrative office in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Building on a reputation of quality and innovation, we are committed to creating Simplified Solutions for our Complex World™.

Installed in homes, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, sports arenas, manufacturing plants and other facilities throughout North America, Marley Engineered Products are among the most well-respected and often used in the building industry. Our product brands include QMark®, Berko®, Fahrenheat® and Leading Edge®.

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chemical, electronics, energy, pharmaceutical, transportation

Global Expert in electrical specialties and graphite-based materials, Mersen designs innovative solutions to address its clients specific needs to enable them to optimize their manufacturing process in sectors such as energy, transportation, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries.

Active in the United-States since 1906 with a commercial team, the Group has established its subsidiary Mersen USA in 1940. It now runs 8 production sites in 6 different states. Its presence has grown stronger over the years, with the acquisition of Stackpole in 1991, the electrical protection activities of Gould Shawmut in 1999 and recently Eldre (in 2011), a busbar company. This is the Group’s first market.

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Adhesive, Cable Pulling, Cleaners, Conduit Sealing, Lubricants, Solar Panel Cleaning, Wire Pulling, Wood Pole Repair

The Polywater Company is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in electrical and communications construction and maintenance. Developed in 1973, water-based Polywater ® Lubricant revolutionized cable pulling with low friction and broad cable compatibility.

Polywater has expanded to offer a broad line of products to clean, repair, maintain, and protect cables and other plant infrastructure. Polywater technologies include adhesion, lubrication, precision cleaning, sealing, and field-friendly-packaging. Polywater continues to innovate by developing unique products to solve customer problems.

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channels, fasteners, support solution

The Power-Strut® system includes the most comprehensive line of channels, fittings, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps and accessories for any framing or support solution … large or small, heavy or light. This line contains over 8,000 products and a wide range or finishes and materials:

  • Power Green
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Power Gold
  • Aluminum
  • Pre-galvanized
  • Stainless Steel

Power-Strut is proud of the exacting standards of Research, Design, Engineering and Manufacturing that go into production of the Power-Strut system.

Maximum recommended load ratings for channels have been established through testing and are based on allowable stresses applicable to the Power-Strut Material Specification. Electrical Power-Strut products are listed by the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (U.L.) and certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

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protective equipment, safety

Salisbury is your complete source for personal electrical safety products that comply with ASTM requirements and OSHA regulations. Salisbury is the world leader in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment and live line tools to protect electrical workers from the hazards of their job. Salisbury offers the complete solution with insulating rubber gloves, blankets, line hose, temporary grounding equipment, voltage detectors, clamp sticks, distribution dead-end insulators, plastic cover-up and dielectric boots.

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Electric utility

UTILCO is the Utility Division of ILSCO Corporation. ILSCO/UTILCO is a privately-held, American-owned electrical connector manufacturing company whose mission is to bring product innovation and exceptional customer service to the marketplace and to grow and evolve as an independent global leader in the electrical industry.

UTILCO serves the following markets in the Utility Industry: OEM’s, Utility Distributors, IOU’s, Co-ops, and Municipals. UTILCO services these markets through Independent Representative Agencies.

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